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Liars (Fun)
Posted 5 months ago by

I am over 5 years in the game
And I've never seen a liar player like this ugly guy(or kid):

Never make any agreements with him !!!
Or you'll be sorry.

It was agreed to 7-7 after he force me to trust him, and then...

Take a link and every extra word is superfluous:

Comments (7)
15-10-2018 8:19:40
(5 months ago)

He tried to scam me also even tho we are same nationality

This guy deserves no respect

14-10-2018 20:42:38
(5 months ago)

Bring it on baby cry

14-10-2018 20:40:39
(5 months ago)

Now shut up.
If you talk too much I will also bring a photo of your messages so that everyone will see what disgusting turns underfoot.

14-10-2018 20:34:47
(5 months ago)

i will copy that to luna and to suna and the new become....

14-10-2018 20:33:34
(5 months ago)

Cry baby, cry

14-10-2018 20:32:37
(5 months ago)

Anyone can see the battle.
Now you're lying here.

14-10-2018 20:30:55
(5 months ago)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH you didn't mentioned that you tried to trick me in 4 rounds, you tried to take my rounds. Now cry little baby

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